It was an honour to work with Jaime and Lola on our last day of filming for our upcoming documentary ‘Becoming Colleen’.

The girls did a wonderful job dancing through Colleen’s memories of sitting on a fence watching the girls from the local ballet school dancing in the yard.

Cinematographers Viktor Jonsson and Paul D’Indy captured beautiful moments as the girls played in the gardens of White’s Creek in Lillyfield.

These are key scenes in the documentary being edited by Stephen Gamba, as they represent the feminine vision Colleen has held in her mind’s eye since her childhood of the young girls moving with such joy and ease in their ballet dresses.

The sequence is the fourth of Colleen’s memories recreated for the film. Other sequences have included memories when living -as a young boy – carving girls’ dancing shoes from old gumboots, visiting the psychiatrist for poor advice, and dressing together with her wife Heather in their 40s.

Many thanks go to Felicity Coonan for the beautiful production design, and Anna Hildebrandt for producing the sequence.

The documentary is currently in post-production and seeking funding in order to complete the film.

If you are interested in supporting the film, it is possible to make a fully tax deductible donation over the Documentary Australia Foundation here.