June Lowe, the Chair of GRAI (GLBTI Rights in Ageing Inc) reports on the Western Australian premiere of the documentary ‘Becoming Colleen’.

Thursday evening was fantastic.  The first fantastic thing was the level of interest – that the film attracted an audience of 150 people was impressive – and bodes very well for a future that celebrates Trans and Gender Diverse people.   The second fantastic thing was the film – of course!! A work  of great beauty – visually  as well as emotionally.  Audience feedback showed appreciation both for the quality of the production as well as the power of Colleen’s personal story.

Lastly, the panel discussion that followed the film was also fantastic – and our thanks to Leece Johnson, Anja Ravine and Jaime Paige, whose responses to the film deepened our appreciation of the film, as many of their life journeys had mirrored aspects of Colleen’s.

The Q&A also explored the issue of misgendering: how much should we accept human limitations, and how much should we strive to raise the bar? I am hopeful that allies will do much of the heavy lifting to increase awareness of the power of this simple act of showing respect.

Thank you Ian Thomson and crew for making this important and powerful film – it will no doubt continue to provoke debate and stir people to defend the rights of TGR communities of all ages.