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‘Becoming Colleen: Finding the Shoe that Fits’ is a documentary about an 85 year old transgender woman, transitioning from male to female in the coastal community of Coffs Harbour on the NSW mid-north coast. Having lived most of her life as Colin – a husband, father, policeman, film-projectionist and self-declared shoe fetishist, Colleen has had to negotiate her gender transition later in life.

More than a documentary about the transitioning of an elderly transgender woman: this is a story of Col and her wife Heather: two people whose love transcended their gender roles; a small community that comes together to support a woman in pursuit of her greatest dream; and how finding exactly the right pair of shoes can be a perfect fit.

On today’s show, my close friend Craig Mack and I interview writer, producer & director, Ian Thomson, who with the support of Queer Screen, ACON, STC and Documentary Australia Foundation, has pulled together this most beautiful and evocative journey that touches on so many important social issues of our time.

Not only does it shine a light on the world and life of a transgender lady growing up in rural Australia and the challenges that she faces along the way, this is story of inclusiveness, being true to yourself, spending time with and cherishing the elderly, evolving interpersonal relationships with friends, family and strangers, demonstrating the need for understanding, striving to learn from and showing empathy for people in the world around us, especially if they view the world a little bit differently to or approach life from a slightly different perspective to us.

It makes me proud to share this work of art and I hope you that enjoy this story as much as I do!

The ‘Becoming Colleen’ Sydney premiere on Sunday 24th February thanks to Queer Screen as part of the Mardi Gras Film Festival.
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